Raving Fan Formula

Provide The Perfect Customer Journey

The Raving Fan Formula is a psychological and practical process that guides you to create and provide the best possible experience for your customers.

By providing a perfect customer journey–clients will be happy to pay to work together and stay longer. They are happily extending their lifetime value.

Did You Just Start A Cult?

With every email, you send out. Every social media post. Every new course you release…Your clients are foaming at the mouth. They cling to every word of your webinars. They quote you on Instagram captions. Did they name their next baby after you? 

You, my friend, have created a Raving Fan. Create the best experience for your customers from day one, and they’ll rave about you forever.

How Can The Raving
Fan Formula Help You

You want to scale without overwhelming your team. You want to focus your energy on the big picture, instead of getting absorbed in the day-to-day tasks.

Customers are happy to pay for your product and service and stay longer. Your service can help ensure a seamless customer journey.

Learn The Road to Scaling Ethically

What Keeps a Coach Up at Night: Growth and Retention.

Growing your business doesn’t mean selling your soul away. It doesn’t require renting luxury cars, hiring models, or filming in lavish mansions. Although “gurus” get well-paid ads to attract customers, the initial excitement fades after what they offer is nothing but smoke and mirrors.

On the other hand, You lie awake at night worrying about your current clients. Distractions occur, and they get complacent. Refunds are requested. Or they disappear completely. In extreme cases, clients even smear your name on online forums and label you as a con artist.

What’s the biggest bottleneck coaches, consultants, and agencies face?

If your client doesn’t feel seen, heard, or if results aren’t delivered… You could lose them forever. Jay has witnessed this firsthand having worked with 9-figure projects, and Ben has overseen hundreds of clients within one of the fastest-growing coaching companies.

In our experience, we’ve seen businesses crumble because they didn’t have a proper system in place. What they were missing was Fulfillment.

The process of Fulfillment can be quite simple. It can be summarized in 3 Steps:


Optimizing experience

We will optimize the customer experience to make sure they feel special and forge strong relationships.


Optimizing resources

While retaining the CEO's values, we will optimize the human resources to allow account managers and coaches to be precise and effective in guiding customers and clients.


Building structure

Build a backend structure so that you can keep clients for a longer period of time, increasing their profitability and their happiness.

So when you’re ready to scale with a systematic approach that not only gets high-quality clients to stay longer, but that also lets you manage and take care of all the clients, let’s talk and find out how we can make this work for you.

How your ideal business looks like if you were still doing fulfillment as the CEO…

But now you know what it takes. If you’re not fulfilling the client experience throughout the whole journey they won’t be able to see results. If they can’t see success you won’t be able to see success. When you work with us, you can expect repeatable results based on a scientifically proven system. No more guesswork. No loss of business control. Just proven and predictable results to Ethically Scale your business. So one day, clients will think of your name FIRST when it comes to your niche/market. You will be a celebrity in your domain–transforming thousands of lives.

You can continue down the path of taking courses that focus on bulking up your front-end structure, ad spend, and marketing. But you could be stuck putting out day-to-day fires instead of innovating your business vision.

COOs and CSDs may leave their jobs due to high stress, high pressure, and high client turnover. This is because the business structure is too chaotic. Clients request refunds at an alarming rate. No referrals. No renewals. The lifetime value of your client disappears into thin air.

Your clients are waiting to enjoy their perfect journey.

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