The Origins of Ethical Scaling

Complementary Energy

If you start hearing, “this is not what I signed up for” from your clients, then we know there is something in marketing, sales, or fulfillment that is not in alignment.


The Ethical Scaling team was assembled to reflect the core principles of Humor, Integrity, and Reliability.


The client experience can be a massive lever in your business–as it makes it more sustainable, more profitable, and fun.

By working with us you get to see the building of something you get to wake up to and love every day. Where there is peace of mind knowing you can scale, without overwhelming your team.

Lastly, to sustain your business, fulfillment will be key.

Fulfillment comes from you as the leader, fulfilling your team, and fulfilling the client.

This team was created to make Ethical Scaling a world-class experience for our clients.

Ethical Scaling

We want to bring the old way of doing business before the internet. Where churn and burn would kill the business in no time. Where client expectations were met. Where people you’d refer to their friends and family with pride.

And we know that there is an infinite number of owners who deeply care about their clients but don’t see that being in their client’s minds due to their processes not being consistent and streamlined.

Jay Goncalves

We’re about to impact the industry from the top and bottom. Helping 7-figure coaching businesses and agencies take world-class care of their clients to increase profitability, maintain an outstanding reputation, and operate with integrity.

Ben McLellan

Jay Goncalves

You will never meet someone who is as focused as Jay…he will go above and beyond to meet clients’ expectations and deliver on Ethical Scaling’s mission.


The catalyst for Jay’s business endeavors was a different type of scale. A scale he was trying to improve told him he needed to lose 100 pounds or his life would be at risk.


To achieve this goal, Jay saw it as more than just eating well and exercising. The challenge required him to understand human behavior and how to form a winning & repeatable process.


Through behavioral change protocols, he developed his own business to deliver high-quality health services to a few thousand people. As part of his business, he uses systems to provide high-quality coaching to more than 150 people at the same time. He can help your business do the same.


Together, he and Ben came up with the Raving Fan Formula, and the rest is history.

Ben McLellan

Between his need to succeed in business and his desire to keep his family together, a rift was forming in Ben’s life. There was always a nagging feeling in the back of his mind to start his own business.

He got his start after selling his yoga and fitness studio. He became a part of Traffic and Funnels’ ClientKit program. Ben worked his way into a team that supported about 100 clients at a time.

Ben was promoted to Client Success Director after 9 months, where he was responsible for the client experience for a seven-figure coaching firm. Over the course of 15 months, he oversaw the journey of more than a thousand clients.

In the process of moving to Nashville, his wife had had enough, “You’re not even here when you’re here. What is going on?”

As soon as he realized his job was destroying his marriage and his family, he decided to take destiny into his own hands.

He gave his notice to leave, and he ended up joining another company, but he was feeling out of alignment.

He was playing too small, trying to support other people’s missions and visions. It was time to unleash his own.

Hence the start of Ethical Scaling.


These aren’t our clients, but we paid them to say nice things about us. Check it out..           

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The Spiritual Entrepreneur- you can embody spirituality and still have a thriving business.

“Every decision we make takes us one step closer or one step further from fulfillment”


The Systematic Brain- helps you develop the perfect customer journey.

“When you start seeing human behavior as a repeatable science, with predicable results, you can impact more people”

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